Connect2MyBusiness - Effortless scheduling for video chats.

Painlessly add remote working capabilities to your business. Enable your clients to easily schedule video chats with you. Have all the meetings show up in your Google Calendar.


Quick setup

Setup a great looking scheduling page for your business in minutes. Enable your clients to easily schedule meetings with you.

Easy to use

All of your appointments are synched with your Google calendar so it is always up to date. See your schedule at a glance from any device.

Make it your own

Change the look and feel of the site to match your own brand. Use your domain, or don't. You can even embed it in another website.


Working on weekends? Late nights? no problem! Our scheduler can be configured to match your work hours.

Looks great on any device

Your clients can use mobile, tablets, or laptops. It doesn't matter, it will look great on either one!

Smart Notifications on hands

Automatic text and email reminders make sure customers remember their upcoming appointments.

Working remotely made simple

Online scheduling should be easy and frictionless! With our service, your clients will be able to effortlessly schedule (or reschedule) meetings with you. No need to check multiple different calendars, or email back and forth endlessly!

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Easy, fricitionless, scheduling for businesses

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